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Our Approach

We have over 15 years of hands on marketing experience. We special in lead generation the best form of ROI in advertising. Let us help you generate leads from people who want you to call, emai, and mail them information about your product or service.

Other services include budgeting, graphic design, ad insertion, demographics, research and a lot more. We take a unique stance to marketing by developing a marketing plan for each business that carefully looks at local demographics, customers current, and prospective customers. We look at the budget and how to get the biggest bang for your buck that requires the least amount of effort by the business owner’s part. We want to grow your business and not stress you out. We develop plans that include radio, digital ads, T.V., social media, and email.

Need help with Google Adwords, placing ads on multiple websites, keyword research, website optimization, SEO? We can help with that also.

We can also handle graphics, ad design and layout, placement, research and more.


Next Steps…

Call or email us to get a free consultation for your new marketing plan. 256-477-4831 or email us at Sales@KathyRegister.com


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