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Product / Lead Generation

You tell us about your best customers likes, demographics, and behaviors and we can find you leads of people who want to talk to you. We can provide you a list of customers that provide there names, address, email address, and phone numbers. **The amount of leads generated per campaign vary due to each campaign is created individually after your demographics and no two campaigns are alike.  Contact us for pricing at Sales@KathyRegister.com.

Product / Digital Ad Insertion

Want your digital ads on top websites like USAToday.com or WallStreetJournal.com? We can help. No matter if it is one website or thousands we can facilitate that and provide reports showing information about the clicks you received. **Campaigns are created individually for each business, no two are alike and human behavior is unpredictable, with that being said we design your campaign to best suit your needs.

Product / Social Media Management

Are you tired of boosting ads and not getting what you needed? We can help with carefully curated content posted up to 3 times a day. We scour the web looking content for your business social media pages that meet the needs of your followers and challenge them to engage with you.

Need More?

Just ask us. If we can`t help you we may an referr you to a local person who can assist you in your needs and referrals are always free.


Next Steps…

Call to schedule your no hassle appointment today. 256-477-4831 Or email us at sales@kathyregister.com

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